vineri, 29 iulie 2016

Why you have to choose rent car with driver?

I was travelling in foreign countries in the last 10 years and I think I know my way of dealing with fooreign people from foreign countries, so I will have to tell you a very interesting story, about a small country from the eastern europe - it is about Romania, a country that excels in beautifull landscapes, starting with rocky mountains, to nice hills filled with forests and a great delta, the Danube Delta.

Now... what I like the most and no one will be able to confirm unless they have visited that country is the food, that is simply great - and the wine, the local groc (called tuica or palinca - depending on the area where you are).

But another thing that made me love this experience was the fact that I could hire a great car, a Mercedes car, along with a very nice driver -  from a company named RentCarWithDriver - and the gui basically drove for 2 weeks with me through all off Romania, he showed me a lot of nice places, he also showed me a lot of great mountains, lakes, forests, I have seen castles and medieval cities - and everything for a very small amount of money.

Also - the food there is very nice - in fact it is so nice that you will be unable to enjoy the food in your original cuntry, due to the fact that it won't have the same taste and also because it will not have this great price.

So - I have to recommend to everyone to visit Romania, to do some virtual tours with some great local guides and to have the time of your live in this exotic paradise of the Eastern Europe and Balkans.

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