duminică, 24 iulie 2016

Thee very best of Romania - in 7 days

During my first visit in Romania I have decided to rent a car with driver in Bucharest, to better enjoy my time there. 
I am sure that this is one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe, Romania also attracts millions of travelers each year with its nice mountains and landscapes, unique culture and historically significant landmarks. there are so many beautiful ways to visit Romania. Whether you’re searchingfor soaring mountains to climb, warm waters to bathe in, forests to explore or plains to explore, Romania has them all.
One of the most important places to visit is - The Peles Castle - undoubtedly one of the most exceptional tourist attractions in Romania, boasting a fabulous architecture and a rich heritage. The castle can be found near Sinaia in Prahova County, nestled within the majestic Carpathian Mountains. 
Another castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle, the Bran Castle can be found in Bran, in close proximity to the important city of Brasov. This majestic structure is commonly regarded as the home of the famous Dracula character brought to life by Bram Stoker, but its history is much more comprehensive than that.
The beautiful Corvin Castle can be found in Hunedoara, in the Transylvania region of Romania. This Gothic-Renaissance masterpiece was commissioned by John Hunyadi in 1446, and it was meant to replace an already existing keep that was built by Charles I of Hungary on the same site.
Prior to my depart, I have seen the Palace of the Parliament is a record-breaking building that can be found in Romania’s capital which is also the largest city  – Bucharest. This great structure was designed by Anca Petrescu and flaunts 12 stories, 4 underground levels as well as a total floor surface of 3,7 million square feet. Finished in 1997,

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